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From:Editor&Writer:Published Time:2018-03-26
    Human society has never been built on a reasonable basis from the outset, but on a balance of competing interests ( the United States is slightly different ). A society in which there is a balance of interests can only be adapted to the material conditions and technology of the environment at that time. every once in a while, it will need to be rebalanced due to changes in the material conditions of the environment / changes in technology or even changes in population. this is the origin of conflict and war.
    The order and its products formed in this process of equilibrium are expressed in various forms and theories by words and customs, which are called culture and history.
    Therefore, no matter culture / order or society / history, can miss but not eternal, it doesn't matter right or wrong, wrong is the individual and human thinking ability, and the shaping of individual and human ability, is also a manifestation of extensive knowledge and accuracy.
    Further, the behavior of the state and the nation, it doesn't matter justice between good and evil, is just a synonym for whether accord with their own order, more can be seen as a kind of culture / geographical environment of catalysis and the performance of the state of specific internal conditions, this is just like lions and sheep, there is no right or wrong, gene and environmental results.
    At the beginning of life, there is no good or evil, only some basic needs, its good or evil, the result of education / social judgment / cultural representation.
    At the beginning of life, there are no many diseases, and then the disease, a physical invasion of the outside world, two culture infusion, culture infusion caused by disease, far more than the physical invasion of the outside world. Joys and sorrows / gain, mostly from social thinking and knowledge, feedback to the body, into the root of many diseases. Is therefore a basic yuan learn sit forget theory method.
    What is man? Different from animals, the special products of the earth's environment result from the change of the geomagnetic field and the magnetic field direction of the macroscopic structure caused by the microstructure of human genes, which makes the human body have more information resolution ability and corresponding storage ability and reach the threshold value, thus having the so-called human wisdom, which is the special product of the combination of the magnetic field characteristics of the primitive system and the earth's environment and the geomagnetic field.
    Man is not so much the product of god as the product of the earth, but rather the wisdom of the earth.
    Does god exist? It depends on what god is. God, of course, is there, but god, no matter its existence form and ability category, and human self-imagination is very different, neither the free play of some religions, more not some doctrine of arrogance.
    From the dark virtual world, to lang lang dry Kun material world, follow a certain order and gradually form the law, the nature of the speed of light is the micro cause and boundary between the two worlds, this and supersonic aircraft have the same effect.
    To study these problems, we need to master some methods, this is the so-called methodology. The methodology used in today's world, the western society Descartes theory is the most clear and effective and the most widely used results, this is the method of extrapolation, namely downward decomposition. As a methodology, there are two kinds of up-and-down methods.
    The reason why the extrapolation method is so popular and practical to the present extent is that it does not need to be systematically defined and the concept of " one" does not need to be set.
    Extrapolation and extrapolation, first need to define what is " one".
    According to the decision principle of primitive system to combine the higher level of primitive system, that is, " one" is how to form another " one", such as cells ( a primitive system ) how to form a human body ( another primitive system ). This form of method, called the extrapolation method.
    Outward according to the rule of judgment to distinguish how " one" and another " one" or " one" interaction, this form of research method, called the flat method.
    In practical application, the combination of the up / down method and the up / down method should be observed and studied in order to find out the essence and law of things. Otherwise, the blind touch the elephant in the elephant legs or elephant nose as an elephant to look at, so that the local correct theory as a whole correct theory to explain the characteristics of the elephant.
    The above is the basic understanding of elementary school is easy to understand and the necessary basis for learning and understanding.
    Life breakthrough / understand the universe / methodology, is three pieces of content. In short, that is, the complex narrative, concise primitive science, mainly to the application, life breakthrough includes life breakthrough / career breakthrough / body breakthrough / thinking breakthrough / breakthrough life / breakthrough in society and other parts, understand the universe contains material origin / life human origin / long chain molecular dynamic stability characteristics, etc., methodology contains the basic methodology of three push method / micro structure of the macro effect, etc.

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