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From:Editor&Writer:Published Time:2018-03-24

    The earth human, is not mysterious, mysterious is the earth human created religion and culture.
    As mentioned in previous articles, human body and organism are independent systems, which, although complex, follow the characteristics of the system.
    A group of the same elementary system, such as atoms, composed of objects, have specific physical and chemical properties, some polymer compounds composed of objects such as ethylene, etc. also have specific physical and chemical properties. Similarly, although organisms are dynamic, but a group of organisms together, from the point of view of natural science, also has physical and chemical properties.
    People are made up of a lot of people, this cluster, also has special physico-chemical properties, but people don't call the nature of the self physico-chemical properties.
    So what is culture? Simply put, culture is a combination of the physico-chemical properties of the population and the physical and chemical properties of the local geographic environment.
    With the migration and integration of the population, this combination has multiple geographical environment genes, is the overall cage and called culture.
    The role of geographical factors in culture can be seen very clearly that during the ancient Qin and Han dynasties, many Zhongyuan people moved to the northeast, these people have the characteristics of northeast culture.
    If the ancient example is not enough, then, in the 20th century from the central plains, Shandong everywhere, a large number of immigrants to the northeast many people, the proportion of immigrants in the northeast population far more than the locals, however, after so many years in the past, influenced by the northeast geographical environment, now the northeast has the character of the traditional characteristics of northeast culture.
    Other places such as grassland, sand ridge area, such as influence, investigate its reason, the geographical environment of climate, temperature, water and soil, etc., make people living here have to follow the natural conditions to do things, to act, as a result, customs and habits and other cultural points will gradually converge.
    There is no need for human beings to make up the so-called culture, self - praise, so-called philosophy, experience and so on in culture, is also with the geographical environment of production, war, natural resources, and so on has a great relationship. Self - touting culture, in essence, is only touting the local geographical environment to the inevitable attributes of human beings.
    With the continuous development of modern science and technology, human beings have gradually got rid of the constraints of geographical environment resources, transportation, information transmission, etc., native, with local characteristics of cultural traditions, etc., its inherent cultural factors based on the geographical environment, will gradually be diluted by the development of science and technology, thus, the state, society, nationality and other prehistoric human made differentiation connotation boundaries, will gradually disappear.
    This is the essence of culture, in essence is the combination of the physical and chemical properties of the population and the physical and chemical properties of the local geographical environment.
    Earth human, with the progress of science and technology and constantly get rid of the geographical environment factors brought by philosophy, experience, customs and other aspects of the so-called cultural brand, the earth human culture, will gradually converge to a certain extent.
    This is what elementary school calls the future culture, the common culture of mankind.

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