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Sit, meditate, Forget All to recharge&rebuild_cosbu_CosBU

From:Editor&Writer:Published Time:2018-03-26
    The title named"坐忘",in chinese,sinonese,hard to express.

    Time is always fast, driving the body, over heavy mist, at the moment, another cycle is about to pass.
    In the universe, there is a concentration of matter, called the earth. On this earth, there are ant society, there are human society, and some deep sea fish society, other popular at that time some species of society, has long disappeared.
    Ant society to deal with the environment of the earth, formed a unique culture, but this kind of culture because ants can't use text symbols and no record, no further development.
    Human society is different, written symbols recorded a lot of miscellaneous things, and from the baby was born to exert the influence of these miscellaneous.
    Indeed, without the education of these groceries, the baby knows nothing. However, with the influence of these groceries, retarded children will recite the groceries for life, and in accordance with the specification of these groceries to joys and sorrows, to explain joys and sorrows, dying, will self - evaluation, will feel the achievements and fame of life.
    For ants, gold is a broken thing, the fact is so simple, not too much argument, more won't have the vast derivation.
    Sit forget, is an old term, the term contains some strange old concepts.
    When everything can be forgotten, is the innovation of knowledge, is the moment of human self - discovery, is the new beginning of human, is the real starting point of life.
    Much of the human disease itself comes from the revered " culture", on the contrary, to some extent, fool's body is often very healthy.
    In the new year, send " sit forget" to those confused people and human society.

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