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CosBU system, dissipative system and human characteristics of the earth_CosBU

From:Editor&Writer:Published Time:2018-03-26
    The following is translated by machine-translator with original article in Chinese, as some conception is hard to tell in chinese, no longer in english.

    Dissipative system is the primary mode of CosBU system, CosBU system is a more advanced dissipative system, which forms the feedback mechanism of self - protection, self - equilibrium, etc.
    On the basis of dissipative system, with the fluctuation and backflow of dark matter dark energy in the inner region and the adjacent region, a resonant core region similar to the vortex center is formed. from the topological point of view, this is a whole and closed space which can be topologically transformed to a certain extent.
    Simply and vividly, therefore, driven by XXXXXX, on the one hand, the internal energy and kinetic energy of matter ( similar to strong and weak interaction ), interaction to the nuclear area, in the form of matter, in the form of material type energy center intersection into the heart; On the other hand, the gravitational wave of material, electromagnetic wave, is essentially XXXXXX flow transmission, with the transmission of material movement and heart mechanism, formed what we often say is similar to the biological magnetic field of special-shaped magnetic field, this kind of biological special-shaped magnetic field, is not just an electromagnetic field, but a closed field is similar to the composite field, in some places is a bit like a magnet. This kind of compound magnetic field, itself will form dynamic nuclear area according to the heart mechanism, but also by the earth and other environmental field interaction and strong interference, the earth's biological brain is the product of this principle.
    Above is the general mechanism of dissipative system and CosBU system, more detailed also need to fractal geometry, the speed of light mechanism and so on basic knowledge and even self-organization edge scientific knowledge to understand, for the vast majority of people, the broad degree of basic mathematics and physical knowledge is not enough to understand these, here is not detailed.
    It can be seen that the earth human is unable to from the earth and reproduction, the earth human is the specific product of the earth, the earth human genes, etc., corresponding to the earth's environmental variables, once using some technology, long-term reproduction in mars and other planets, at least the appearance will be different from the earth human, this can be seen from the space station to cultivate plant seeds and animal embryos, etc.
    Further, the origin of human beings, walking upright, the generation of wisdom, and so on, can find the answer from the above mechanism, more dramatically, human only hair and pubic hair thick, very little hair in other parts of the body, also related to the direction of the composite field and the direction of the earth's magnetic field.

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