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From:Editor&Writer:Published Time:2018-03-26
    Based on CosBU theory, with the science, universe&human origins, culture,  phylosophy, religion, as our theory core, we had built a complicated&Self-consistent theory system.
    Tell you relativity and quantum theory, Tell you dark material and energy, tell you creature and the birth of human beings, tell you the systemal human body and its maths' principles, tell you what is society and its nature and essence, so comes why the economic thoery is totally wrong in human spirits not in a animals, and how we Ordinary people could do to peacefully&well live, tell you why the system of iatrology is half-wrong and how the porducer&seller do, tell you how to long-live with a new cosbu iatrology,tell you what is currency/what is moral/ waht is law/what is love/what is nation&state...........................etc.

    That's a historial theory to destinguish the lastday and the nextday of human society, it's time to relook all of human stuffs, it's time for the nowday's chaos to welcome a new world theory, it's time for a new great theory to go with the quckly devopment of technology(not the science), it's time to say goodby to the old primitive society which established on the war&benifit fight.

    Here it comes, That's the CosBU theory.

    Let's work it together and consummate.
    We are culture explorer&leader,we draw and picture the future, not a dream, join us, Donate us, Fund raise us.


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