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The United States is judged China of 10 big new species contributed a kind of insect piece 2018_CosBU

From:Xinhua News AgencyEditor&Writer:Zhou ZhouPublished Time:2018-05-29

    Washington of Xinhua News Agency on May 28 report (reporter Zhou Zhou) the city of the new infrahuman, bacterium like the hair, new York of insect …… United States that relies on ant to walk establishs university environment science and forestry science institute to reviewed a 2018 year recently 10 big new species.

    This orgnaization is singled out from inside the new species that announced on scientific periodical each 2017 most 10 kinds of extraordinary. Environmental science and Wheeler of · of Kun Ding of forestry science prexy say, discover new species makes a person surprizing, but annual new name probably 1 . 80 thousand kinds, at least can 20 thousand kinds are eradicated, if discover not in time now, likelihood they disappeared forever.

    The international group that researcher of institute of British London university heads discovered in aquaria of dagger of American emperor alternate a kind of “ becomes the one-celled protist that sends ” oneself, it belongs to inchoate true nucleus biology, concern without close predestined relationship with any foregone pedigree. It moves with flagellum, with the cell like broach implement “ pricks ” other protist to be enjoyed for oneself, this kind of biology understands for people inchoate evolution of true nucleus biologic provided evidence.

    Germany amounts to Mushidate to be versed in the researcher of university of course of study discovers a kind of 1 in the Costarica. The “ with 5 long millimeter overcomes ” of bug of collect Nao Er, the abdomen of the size of this kind of beetle, appearance and color and worker exactly like, they use the tummy of mouth grip worker, “ takes ” to be on worker body subsequently everywhere activity, at first sight thinks worker grew two abdomen. How do they avoid themselves to become the prey with formic march to return unknown.

    The “ that the international group that researcher of college of world of Swiss Su Li heads discovered to a kind of new infrahuman —— lives in forest of Indonesian Sumatra island Dabanuli orangutan ” . Come for years, researcher affirmed two kinds live in orangutan of Indonesian orangutan —— Sumatra and orangutan of mother-in-law Luo Zhou, these two species are in endangered condition. And what discover now is the species of the 3rd orangutan that lives in Indonesian forest, living only on the land of 1000 square kilometer 800, become most those who be in severe danger is infrahuman.

    Chinese scientist also contributed new species. College of Hua Na agriculture Professor Tian Mingyi discovered in Guangxi karst cave one kind lives in the insect in inky burrow. The prothorax of this kind of insect and elytrum height are lengthened, body length is 5 times of Yu Tikuan bigger.

    Researcher of American Washington college is in on the west the inky abyss of trench of Ma Liya accept discovered Pacific Ocean ” of fish of lion of a kind of “ . They live in 7000 meters to arrive 8000 meters of deep sea floor, body length 112 millimeter, tadpole of be similar in shape, bearing adv unimaginably pressure, it is the fish with foregone “ abode the at present deepest ” .

    The ”—— of new “ colonist that Italy, Spain and British scientist discover a kind of sea floor is volcanic around archipelago of Spanish Ghana benefit is in one kind underwater the mycetozoan on 130 meters of crater. This volcano appeared 2011, make all round marine ecosystem is destroyed. The scientist after 3 years discovers, this mycetozoan is outspread already the limits to about 2000 square metre, present white fiber state, scientists call his the hair ” of “ Venus.

    Selected new species still includes a kind of color in Na Bingyang the gorgeous, “ that be called adds Ximoduo the shrimp of ” , its name is taken from the novel " Parisian goddess courtyard " medium belfry eccentric adds Ximoduo; Brazilian Atlantic is coastal a kind of is close to eradicating ginseng in the forest is extremely big tree, the whole world only remnant makes an appointment with 25 individual plant, this kind of tree writtens guarantee the fruit length that go out can amount to half meters.

    The relies on to absorb photosynthesis of nutrient and rather than to live from inside fungus “ different that in Japan Shi Yuan discovers raises the Australia before beautiful ” mixes 23 million years a kind miscellaneous feed and pouched lion fossil is selected also new species list.

    Since 2008, new York city establishs university environment science and forestry science institute to announced year every year in May 10 big new species, the founder that names in order to commemorate science of botanist of 18 century Sweden, contemporary biology is classified blocks Er · Lin Nai.

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