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International biochemistry and molecular biology alliance greet chief chinese mainland hold appoint_CosBU

From:Scientific net Www.sciencenet.cnEditor&Writer:Zhao AnliPublished Time:2018-06-13

    Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhao Anli) the reporter learned from institute of science of Beijing University life a few days ago, gain of prosperous of this courtyard professor is in before a week the international biochemistry that Korea head Er holds and molecular biology alliance (IUBMB) be elected on member congress for IUBMB hold appoint, lieutenancy 3 years. Prosperous gain professor also is become hold the position of orgnaization of this international learning hold appoint scholar of chief chinese mainland.

    Prosperous gain will publish committee chairman part-time, be in charge of the publication of allied and all journal and the job that name committee.

    “ (be elected hold appoint) this was mirrorred in recent years our country biochemistry and molecular biology Scientists and Technologists participated in international collaboration communication to reach a new height. ” prosperous gain expresses.

    The research that the IUBMB that held water 1955 is promoting the biochemistry between international and molecular biology, learning communication, education and publish and the part that the respect such as the standardization of chemical noun, symbol and method is acting content of the opposite on stimulative international to hold the balance. IUBMB has a state (area) the member is close 80, divide reach America of Oceanian, Europe, extensive and Africa for the Asia 4 regional federation.

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