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The scientist announces human gene amount to cause controversy_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Zong HuaPublished Time:2018-06-26

    After project of human gene group finishs more than 10 years, discern gene still is a challenge.

    Picture origin: Alan Phillips/Getty

    A bar that the earliest attempt that appraise measures amount of the gene in human gene group involves gassed gene to learn harbor of Leng Quan of new York of the home, United States and dinkum conjecture.

    That was 2000. At that time, draft of series of human gene series still is in scale. Gene learns the home to betting the mankind has how many gene, ante differs to hundred thousands of from tens of thousands of. After nearly 20 years, the scientist that mastered real data still cannot be reached with respect to this one quantity consistent. Look in them, block up of wide gap of this one knowledge the effort that discovers relevant disease mutation.

    Fill the data that newest effort used this one blank to come from about a hundred mankind to organize example, published in a few days ago beforehand on BioRxiv of printed books server. It comprises nearly 5000 undetected gene before this, among them nearly 1200 instructions that carry production protein. The appraise before the gross of gene of more than 21 thousand protein encode and this is measured (think this one word is in 20 thousand the left and right sides) rise considerably than having.

    Nevertheless, a lot of geneticist still do not believe all and newest the gene that put forward can withstand is careful deliberate. Their criticism emphasized discerning the difficulty that new gene defines a gene even.

    “20 year come, people devotes oneself to this research all the time, but we still did not achieve the result. Steven Salzberg of biologist of computation of university of Jin Si of · Huo Pu expresses the Johns that ” guides a group to begin newest research.

    2000, as gene group academia gene of how many mankind launchs the issue that is discovered to discuss ardently, ewan Birney sponsorred GeneSweep contest. Nowadays as institute of European biology informatics (EBI) during combining the director's Birney to learn to discuss in annual gene form, in a bar most first chip in.

    This contest attracted 1000 much people finally to participate in and of 3000 dollars accumulate stake. The ante about gene amount differs 26 thousand times to inadequacy from 312 thousand over, be in on average 40 thousand the left and right sides. At that time, the quantitative range that appraise measures is already narrow, but still put in different opinion.

    The standard of the data that gene amount basis is analysed, tool that use and eliminate mistake information and differ somewhat. Newest computation used the computational method of another kind of a bigger data set, effort before be different from this, and the wider extensive standard that defines gene.

    Salzberg group used genotype to organize expression (GTEx) the data of the project. This project undertook measuring order to the RNA of the 30 many different organizations that collect from hundreds of bodies. RNA is the “ agency ” between DNA and protein. Researcher wants to discern the gene that gives encode protein and do not code protein but the gene that still acts important role in the cell. For this, extract of 900 billion when they assembled GTEx tiny RNA colleagues his kind of gene group undertake comparing is opposite.

    Nevertheless, a paragraph of DNA is conveyed to be RNA and meaning it only is a gene. For this, this group tries to use all sorts of standards to filter noise. For example, the comes from other species together as a result gene group that they will acquire undertakes comparative, and conclude the alignment that distant relatives biology shares is likely be saved to come down in developmental process, because they are useful, gene is likely also and such.

    Researcher obtained gene of 21306 protein encode and —— of gene of 21856 blame encode far two over mankind gene that use the most extensively the gene amount in the database. The GENCODE gene market that maintains by EBI comprises gene of gene of 19901 protein encode and 15779 blame encode. By center of information of technology of American country live thing (NCBI) RefSeq database of management has gene of 20203 protein encode and gene of 17871 blame encode.

    The chief Kim Pruitt before researcher, RefSeq represents NCBI gene group, appear the data bulk that the partial reason of this one difference may be Salzberg group analysis is different. Nevertheless, still have another significant difference. The evidence that GENCODE and RefSeq all rely on somebody of artificial management —— to evaluate every gene and make final judgement. Salzberg group relies on computer program completely to choose data.

    “ if the gene catalog that people likes us, so probably the intermediary that we will become human gene after a few years. ”Salzberg says.

    Nevertheless, a lot of scientists express, they need more proof is in order to believe firmly newest catalog accurate. The Adam Frankish of EBI computation biologist that harmonious GENCODE artificial annotate works says, he and group had scanned the gene of about 100 protein encode that Salzberg group discerns. Measure according to their appraise, only 1 looks is true protein encode gene.

    Meanwhile, pruitt team analysis about ten when Salzberg group announces new protein encode gene, but the gene that did not discover any accord with to close RefSeq level. A few look the gene group extent that attributes the changeover that invades group of human ancestor gene to record virus to overlap together, remain attribute the other repeatability part that seldom is translated into protein.

    Nevertheless, salzberg thinks, a few repeat alignment to be able to be regarded as gene. An example is to appear in RefSeq and encode is excessive in knot rectum cancer protein ERV3-1 of expression. Salzberg still admits, the new gene in be located in its group catalog remains this group and someone else affirm. (Zong Hua is compiled)

    " Chinese division journal " (2018-06-26 international of the 3rd edition)

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