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Choice of the first author files paper of odd chromosome yeast abroad postdoctoral_CosBU

From:Article reportEditor&Writer:Xu Qi quickPublished Time:2018-08-03

    ▲ Qin Chongjun's researcher (right) with the paper the Shao complacently that the first author also is one of group members undertakes experimenting study in the lab. Yuan Jing of our newspaper reporter is photographed

    Our newspaper is presiding reporter Xu Qi quick

    Before dawn just was in England yesterday " natural " the synthetic biology positive result that the magazine publishs banner world, science of plant of member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is outstanding innovation center / Qin Chongjun's researcher is in key laboratory of biology of synthesis of institute of plant physiology zoology inner worry betrays before media: The complacently of the first author of the paper, doctoral student Shao that mastered him science thinking and experimental key skill is applying for abroad postdoctoral, include to publish the lab of American person of the same trade of similar paper this at the same time with them among them.

    “ considers for the student's future, I hope she goes abroad, but consider for the country, I if only can tarry she. ” Qin Chongjun says helplessly, encircle ” of active “ game regulation according to domestic learning, if the youth makes good working farewell state in foreign lab, acquisition treatment will be a lot of better. Whether contribute according to real learning level and real scientific research, give global youth talent coequal treatment? If by a lot of discussion, this is inscribed of late, place before us again.

    Domestic be pregnant with thering is no lack of is great ” of yielding soil of outstanding “ learning

    16 natural chromosome in brew yeast, through gene editorial method synthesizes, qin Chongjun studies the group incorporates in “ the international of chromosome ” unplugs so that the head prepares in competition. Connect academician of his most driving academy of sciences of competitor —— United States, new York the Yi of Jeff · rich of medical center overcomes Langgeni, cannot help ask him, it is after all how can think of to want so do, how be to finish chromosome “ of 16 syncretic ” ? Because Boyike's lab used same technical line, but only shirt-sleeve to two chromosome.

    “ this is the thought that only dilettante ability has the courage to think, not much at the beginning the person feels I can be done. ” Qin Chongjun thanks establish to gave birth to place to give him comfortable atmosphere very much, propped up him to spend the hardest time, “ full 5 years, I did not publish a paper related to yeast, change in other unit, let pack up and quit early go probably person. ”

    Qin Chongjun says, this successful key is him a large number of reflection was made in initial stage, clarity limitted experimental principle, at the same time the lab also is undertaking systematic technology is accumulated. Han Bin of academician of director of institute of zoology of physiology of plant of Shanghai of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences tells a reporter, although Qin Chongjun does not have a paper, but the long-term progress that the institute values a handsome appearance more, evaluate in international in, his research direction gets admissive all the time, “ needs the 5 significant gain that give to 10 years of ability, we await with respect to this patience. ” sets his mind at to do scientific research to let a scientist, establish gives birth to place to study for each the group leader offers stable yearly salary, more or less does the scientific research funds of each research group come basis of and rather than business accounting.

    Maintaining the poll that studies the group runs to expend is all the time headache thing. Come for years, qin Chongjun studies the “ deficit ” of the group exceeds 3 million yuan. The face of research group Zhang of “ some units is little at 500 thousand yuan, be asked possibly to shut, more impossible deficit moves. ” is this, he feels very lucky, wh wherever wants “ now I go, I won't leave establish to give birth to place this good-tempered learning soil. ” more what is more,the rather that, here can appear every year 3 two significant gain that cause academia attention, the innovation atmosphere of foreign famous lab already was had first.

    ” of microenvironment of high grade “ still needs ” of “ big environment to give aid to alimentary

    Comfortable and the ” of “ learning soil that has energy is in although home is not much still, but the igneous ” of more and more “ star has appeared. Need not far search, be in life science domain, shanghai had many institutes to have atmosphere of scientific research of innovation of dedicated learning, good-tempered failure, do all one can, and had the research actual strength with top-ranking international.

    Say according to manage, such institute should be had to outstanding doctor graduate quite appeal. Dan Shaoyang foreign consider repeatedly, still decide application is abroad postdoctoral. Really, with this odd chromosome works yeastily artificially, she can apply for to synthesize lab of tip of biologic domain any to the whole world, go those labs accept training and edification, this is place of every young doctor is yearning. However, more absorbing, it is to go 3 years two on study of an outstanding and abroad laboratory, make state of excellent job farewell, can obtain support of funds of more scientific research and room to stick than the young scientist that does not go abroad, project of application talent plan, scientific research has an advantage more.

    “ but what reason do I have to prevent her to go abroad again do postdoctoral? Although my research group hand is very nervous, after she goes, a lot of succeeding activity may be begun hard. ” although the “ microenvironment ” of plant unripe institute is pretty good, but from whole scientific research big environment looks, “ sea puts in ” label 's charge to still be gotten in scientific research funds, the respect such as talent evaluation is having main effect. If fishbone,this lets Qin Chongjun in larynx.

    Before long before, postdoctoral Liu Zhen suffers institute of science of nerve of the Chinese Academy of Sciences hire to study a group leader, he ever also was done to whether go abroad postdoctoral and kink passes. Although he stayed in home to make the world first clone monkey such excellent job, but aid financially in what scientific research starts period place to obtain still sea of “ of be not a patch on puts in ” 's charge people.

    “ the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of an outstanding doctoral student, mean the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of creativity of a paragraph of gold not only, likely also bring a competitor the train of thought of innovation scientific research of domestic lab. ” is distressed, qin Chongjun disease breathes out, whether fairer land treats different method to grow the talent that rise, timely change talent evaluates means, let outstanding doctoral student need not put in ” label 's charge for “ sea and go abroad.

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