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Unlock Luan Chuan " old children " fossil password_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Hu Min fine jadePublished Time:2018-08-24

    The bone of jaw of ancient mankind fluctuation that hole of home of ▲ Luan Chuan grandson discovers and dental fossil

    The ancient mankind that hole of home of ▲ Luan Chuan grandson discovers issues fore-tooth and molar fossil

    Picture origin: The Chinese Academy of Sciences is ancient vertebral place

    Hu Min of our newspaper reporter fine jade

    Erect person is human evolution Shi Shangfei often is planted crucial. They begin the earliest to use internal heat, serve as the substantial of the life in order to chase, they can make stone vessel, still can run in that way like modern.

    2012, academy of archaeology of Luoyang city cultural relic in Henan hole of home of Luan Chuan grandson undertakes rescue sex disentomb, laying a layer formerly discovered stone of the ancients apperception. Thereafter, ancient vertebrate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and ancient mankind institute and academy of archaeology of Luoyang city cultural relic cooperate, amid discovered fossil of very precious erect person children surprizingly. The near future, achievement of this one research is published in " anthropologic journal " on.

    Old children grows development is close to modern

    Show the people to grow kind of research to discover to modern support of the people, modern has distinctive tooth to grow mode and life history, clear distinction at other primate, expression gives bud of ordinal and different, permanent tooth to give time and interval to lengthen in dental bud, the first molar bud gives growth period of age defer, children to lengthen, sexual maturity is late, bear the age first big, life is long wait for a characteristic.

    And the tooth with distinctive modern grows mode reachs life history, when to appear in human evolution process, it is a very serious problem, up to now the scientist still did not find the solution. This research points out, among them a main reason, it is each level with adequate lack, of all kinds group childhood fossil material.

    Blocked accept lake especially in Kenya north 1984 on the west bank, the scientist discovered the erect person “ before dying at many years 160 blocks accept boy ” especially, figure his age is 9 years old at that time. This discovers Ceng Hong is moved temporarily, because he is current till the most complete ancient mankind that the mankind discovers is skeletal, include skull piece, bone of mandible bone, tooth, arm, shank, vertebra, costal, pelvis.

    Again for instance, spanish A tower the evidence that Puaierkashangelanduolina ever was discovered to the mankind achieves Europe the earliest in burrow, be apart from today the ” of “ precursory person of all ages of 800 thousand ~120. Among them, much is individual belong to children, a the frontal bone before including, complete facial skeleton, mandible, tooth, arm and foot and patellar. Nick is bestrewed above a lot of bone, the scientist thinks cutting of place of the tool that be made by stone crosses them.

    But Zhao Lingxia of researcher of ancient vertebral place expresses the Chinese Academy of Sciences, “ up to now the growth of these children whether does mode agree with modern, the scientist still decides hard, because more children and minor fossil discovery reach his,age appraisal is the crucial ” that solves this one problem.

    It is this in hole of home of Luan Chuan grandson, archaeologist discovered stone of apperception of 6 the ancients in all, include remains of the upper jaw, mandible remains and 4 teeth, it is the upper jaw respectively 2 fore-tooth of the side outside the 2nd premolar, mandible, mandible the 2nd molar. These fossil attribute 3 each put oneself in another's position respectively, having two among them is minor individual.

    The researcher is analysed according to the observation of these children specimens, especially the upper jaw, mandible two specimens, discover its the first molar just bud gives time not to grow, the wear and tear of only and slight degree, tooth root still is growing in, still have in gum at the same time not the tooth that bud gives is growing in. Preliminary conclude, dental growth phase and 6~7 year old modern children comparatives. Another sheet tooth, look from tooth coronal and state of affairs of tooth root development, estimate the adolescent that is equivalent to modern 11 years old or so.

    According to Zhao Lingxia's introduction, the first molar bud of children of ancient mankind of goldenrain tree plain gives the age to be close to 6 years old, and the first molar give time-interval to grow quite with the 2nd molar bud, index of these two important physiology announced, luan Chuan is erect the tooth of person children grows to mode has been been close to with modern or comparative.

    “ shows the people to grow kind of the first molar bud to give the age and its life considering modern support of the people history important parameter, for instance new student growth period of cerebral quantity, adult head quantity, cheeper, adolescent and sexual maturity age, unripe the first time Yo age, life have closely related quality, erect person may have had preliminary and conjectural Luan Chuan to be close to or resemble of modern grow growth pattern is mixed life history characteristic. ”

    Nevertheless, zhao Lingxia also is mentioned, want to understand this truly one old model human growth mode is mixed life history feature, must make more accurate identification to the age of Luan Chuan children, microcosmic technology observes nondestructive of have the aid of further its internal composition.

    The general character of fossil of tooth of Chinese ancient mankind

    In the fossil that hole of home of Luan Chuan grandson comes up out of land, still included rich mammalian fossil. For instance, the representative sort with common period of the Pleistocene in the China such as deer of spot of family name of rhinoceros of family name of hyena of boar of deer of swollen bone large part, Li, China, plum, arrowroot, still have the Hua Na such as rhinoceros of family name of giant panda, tapir, plum, bamboo rat at the same time Pleistocene is common and phyletic. The scientist also is judge by this, the times of stone of apperception of the ancients of goldenrain tree plain should be Pleistocene metaphase.

    Nevertheless, erect person and inchoate size of wisdom person tooth and configuration distinguish not easily, ancient mankind of hole of home of Luan Chuan grandson is close to more after all which kind of?

    In contemporaneity, the model that the ancient mankind fossil of the first place is erect person represents week mouth shop, amount of its tooth specimen is maximum, measure data and mutation limits to be able to mirror the dental characteristic of erect person better. Then, the erect person tooth that researcher discovers Luan Chuan's ancient mankind and week mouth inn above all is made quite, as a result the long wide measured value of tooth of person of goldenrain tree plain all falls in week mouth inn in the mutation limits of erect person tooth.

    In addition, installing heart spy person to reach with more extensive erect person, Buddhist nun terminal after data of wisdom person tooth is compared, the measured value of tooth of ancient mankind of goldenrain tree plain all prep above Buddhist nun person and the average of wisdom person, under photograph comparing, the average watch with erect person is adjacent. Accordingly, pass these comparison, researcher thinks, ancient mankind of goldenrain tree plain should by classify the mutation limits of erect person.

    Be worth what carry is, researcher is opposite there are a few special discoveries after these dental configuration have observation, luan Chuan falls 3 times molar hind the configuration feature that there is a kind of “ that be called to change furrow to ” on the needle. Feature of this kind of configuration is the earliest be in inn of Beijing week mouth erect philtrum is discovered.

    In fact, in ancient mankind tooth of China, wash rice plain erect person, Dingcun Man have the feature that turns to furrow. Already some considers to show, contemporary northeast inferior the occurrence rate of furrow changes to apparent prep above in the crowd other area. Accordingly, the scientist thinks, below molar changing furrow to the likelihood is to appear at China to arrive from erect person contemporary mankind the common characteristic of tooth of each phase mankind.

    As similar as this photograph, still have Luan Chuan 2 the 2nd molar “ 5 needles ” , this also is the common characteristic in fossil of tooth of Chinese ancient mankind. Not only such, these features appear high frequencily still in contemporary East Asia Mongoloid in.

    Researcher points out, the meaning of this discovery depends on, it supported Chinese ancient mankind further successive and developmental doctrine.

    Is erect person Asian ancestor

    The genetic be closely bound up of this one doctrine and mankind.

    Current, the academia the viewpoint that about the genetic problem of modern extended hold differs two kinds. The most classical is African origin of course say, think anatomical modern is in Africa is genetic, diffuse to other area next, replace local ancient mankind, perhaps have a few gene confluence to it. No matter be fossil evidence or genetics evidence,show some, support this one view morely really also.

    But be in East Asia area, another doctrine also very suffer origin of attention —— much ground. 100 old before, erect person diffused each areas of old world, they began evolution to give contemporary feature and regional difference gradually, and this kind of regional difference established contemporary mankind the foundation of racial diversity. This kind of viewpoint emphasizes, the erect ethnic group of different area group the modern offspring that is in place with them is successive on time and space.

    1984, wu Xinzhi of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences combines foreign scholar to put forward hypothesis of ” of origin of “ modern much area, put forward “ of Chinese ancient mankind especially the theory of ” of successive and developmental accessary cross, think Chinese ancient mankind is given priority to with successive evolution, gene communication is complementary.

    Although this kind of viewpoint gets dispute fully from beginning to end, but be in East Asia area, the fossil evidence that can prove African origin says directly was not discovered. Contrary, the evidence of stone of the ancients apperception of more China churchyard makes clear, include erect person, inchoate wisdom person, modern distributings in evolution time on have successional, feature of a few constitutions also has apparent continuity.

    So, be in at least East Asia, evolution mode of the mankind is far still without final conclusion.

    Relevant paper information: DOI: 10.16359/j.cnki.cn11-1963/q.2018.0011

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2018-08-24 popular science of the 3rd edition)

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