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Institute of biology of Chengdu of Chinese Academy of Sciences discovers recomposition of chromosome_CosBU

From:Scientific net Www.sciencenet.cnEditor&Writer:Peng Li of Zhang Yi beautifulPublished Time:2018-12-10

    Sexual chromosome evolution thinks theoretically, of gene recombine restrain the become divided that causes sexual chromosome, ever since Y or W will accumulate sexual distinction relevant gene, lose the gene that has nothing to do with sexual development at the same time, the Y that brings about different to match or W chromosome trend degrade, produce the change on configuration finally. Conversely, the X that matchs sexual distinction together or Z chromosome criterion because of the pattern that recombine and keeps original. Plant in nature group in, the configuration change of X or Z chromosome is very infrequent.

    Cloud of summer of the member that the group comprises Ceng Xiaomao of institute of biology of Chengdu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences's researcher and Dr. Yuan Xiuyun, in discovering spine abdomen frog, x chromosome happened easy a recomposition, present a clear pattern to change. Through sexual distinction FISH of Tu Ran of the chromosome fixed position of the dot, chromosome and sexual mark clone measure the technology such as foreword to seek testimony, become only easy when happening on X chromosome, photograph of the nucleus that unborn academic nucleus ability and actual check give much condition is consistent. Plant in recomposition group in, nucleus abnormity involves normal X chromosome and easy X chromosome. Those who be based on chain of sexual distinction of couple of male and female is times odder model the analysis makes clear as a result, y and normal X chromosome, Y and easy X chromosome, normal and easy all exist between X chromosome recombine restrain. The heterochromosome all appears in female and male, x chromosome is planted with consist in of 2 form form group in. Below occasional case, x chromosome produced a structure to change, the likelihood was promoted recombine restrain and sexual chromosome become divided. Chromosome of sex of this kind of 2 condition may be in the primary level of differentiation, developmental to understanding sexual chromosome sense is great.

    Research result near future is published in print of international animal semester for “Sex Chromosomal Dimorphisms Narrated By X-chromosome Translocation In A Spiny Frog (Quasipaa Boulengeri)” with the problem " Frontiers In Zoology " on.

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