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Indian scholar is published turn gene editorial cites dispute_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Tang YichenPublished Time:2018-12-25

    M. S. Swaminathan picture origin: PALLAVA BAGLA

    India an agricultural scientist closed with the person recently wrote a criticism to turn the editorial of gene crop. This editorial caused fireworks in Indian researcher. [" science " relevant article]

    Geneticist Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan of 93 years old is called the father of Indian green revolution. Go up century 669 time, he rolled out new high production for Indian farmer improved crop. He still is mixed in this country a series of leadership posts had been held the position of in international organization.

    Last month, swaminathan and Parthasarathy Chenna Kesavan are in " contemporary science " on published an editorial, caused the attention of researcher. Kesavan is M.S of Indian admire Nai. The researcher of Swaminathan research foundation. This article doubt turns of gene crop but durative, security and superintendency problem.

    The article points out, india cultivates exclusively permissibly turn gene cotton fails to help a farmer increase crop and income, reduce the use of insecticide. They are returned to turning the security of gene aubergine and breed of leaf mustardleaf mustard raised doubt, the data that revealed a series of research supports these argument.

    This editorial caused a few India to object strongly of the scientist. Indian supreme court is considering this country to whether should allow to turn gene crop patent application. Presiding and scientific advisory Krishnaswamy VijayRaghavan is in Indian government write in a letter of Swaminathan, this editorial “ has serious flaw ” , made the wraparound ” with bizarre “ , scientific “ result by optionally oversight, expression or wrong the earth's surface amount to ” .

    Swaminathan is being accepted " science " when interviewing, express, he by the dissident atrocious and he thinks baseless assault and battery frightened fine long hair to jump. “ is on science, I express a kind of point of view, you refute me, I am accepted. He says ” , I won't say “ : ‘ you are very bad, I am very good. ’”

    Swaminathan expresses to believe to turn gene crop suits certain utility, but the likelihood does not apply to other utility. He says, for example, breed can resist of drought or high temperature turn gene crop may conduce to answer the menace such as climate change, but long-term and character, the foreground that transforms crop resistance insect and fungus may be not quite hopeful, especially the evolution as the pest, crop may lose resistance.

    Swaminathan says, the information that he hopes the reader pays close attention to is, ground of should critically sex ponders over the scientist new technology, and how will their deploy affect an user. (Tang Yichen)

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2018-12-25 international of the 3rd edition)

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