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100 thousand years ago " the person that make prosperous " already mastered more sophistic_CosBU

From:Daily of science and technologyEditor&Writer:Li DaqingPublished Time:2019-01-11

    Beijing of daily of science and technology on January 10 report (reporter Li Daqing) ” of “ Xu Chang's person (be apart from today all ages of 100 thousand —12.5, late Pleistocene is inchoate) cause archaeological bound more and more take seriously. The Chinese Academy of Sciences is Li Hao of ancient vertebral place, tall person of the same trade of university of Paul of heart of star and Shandong university and university of south Africa golden hill, United States cooperates, first the comprehensive, stone implement that announced to make prosperous person systematically makes technology and news of activity of relevant mankind behavior. Consider to show, ” of “ Xu Chang's person already was had relatively complex the stone implement technology with progress, development goes agile, efficient raw material and environment to get used to strategy. Relevant achievement on January 9 online publish in print of international archaeology semester " archaeology and anthropologic science " on.

    Researcher is opposite 2005—2016 of relics of ” of “ Xu Chang's person year after the 14862 stone product that delivers disinter earth undertook the system studies, think, the progress of technology of its stone implement basically behaves paring piece as politic as treatment two respects: Above all, stone nucleus (it is next dozen of stone piece hind use as the gravel part of the tool) pare a means is diversiform, and with bosseyed and one-way pare piece, irregular much to pare piece and afferent pare piece give priority to; Dish place of shape stone nucleus holds proportion taller, show pare a constituent sex on the program and plan sex. The 2nd, tool type is much, include scrape implement, sunken be short of implement, toothed blade implement, pointed shape implement, Shi Zuan; A few pointed shape implement bottom course is repaired, indicate a possibility what existence cooperates bone handle or Mu Bing uses is compound model tool; Tool treatment is more careful, blade predestined relationship is more neat, appear to soft hammer is repaired and squelch repair a technology. And the discovery of soft hammer tool and suppress tool, show ancient mankind is developed effectively, use bone resource, had mature, system chase technology and group organization behavior.

    Contrast shows, “ made relics of prosperous person ” appear to the implements with close of relics of western paleolith metaphase is combined and repair a technology, but the —— of exists extensively a kind of stone implement technology that make in lacking western relics straps made of baked clay a surname technology, reason decides “ made prosperous person ” whether use this one standardization to pare conciously still hard a method. The expert points out, late Pleistocene of afore-mentioned the — in considering to understand for people quite transfer to square ancient mankind communicates level thing and interact the history provided valuable data.

    DOI: Https://doi.org/10.1007/s12520-018-0759-7

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