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Europe will prohibit " conveniently loses a fish "_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Lu YiPublished Time:2019-01-11

    An Europe new policy prohibits discarding fish. Picture origin: JAMES BOARDMAN

    Be in early arrive at eat dish before, a lot of seafood were thrown away. Actually, when the fisherman arranges fishing to catch thing, they can throw the fish that does not need 20% what sea —— occupies global fishing to catch thing. And, great majority fish has died. Recently, this kind of wasteful behavior is become in European Union water area tortious. The scientist believes, this one policy will improve piscatorial efficiency, increase fish reserve finally. But be in short-term inside, this may mean piscatorial difficulty. Peder Andersen of economist of Danish Copenhagen university expresses: “ this is one of the most noticeable change in policy of European Union fishery. ”

    2015, superintendency orgnaization begins to be carried out stage by stage abandan a ban, official name lands for “ compulsory ” . To reduce an effect, the ban captures in those above all carry out in the fisher of the herring fish of group and other and onefold species. Now, bigger challenge came: In the fishing ground that a lot of species live jointly, for instance fishing ground of the North sea, when ship dragnet, the sort of seizure and size can become desultorily. And the ship retains the valuable share in seizure only normally.

    According to this ban, the species that fisher must bring back all sufferring to superintend, this is the problem that a your poll is fond of. People must be more time flowers on piscine classification, because even if the fish that does not need also must check the amount carries to haven. Hold will be faster replete, this means more maritime voyages and higher fuel cost. And, the fish that even if does not need can be sold, price also is equivalent to fishing normally only the one fraction of the quantity. Relevant personage expresses, the purpose of this one ban is to hope incentive fisher is adopted implement alternative fishing gear or strategy more.

    Daniel Voces De Onaindi of controller of Europêche of organization of Belgian Brussels go canvassing expresses, this meeting is destroyed ship and cause unemployment. The studies project DiscardLess check study that the European Union funds also makes clear, if the ban is carried out, fish course of study is sufferring the loss of 10% in the near future.

    Nevertheless, french ocean develops the model that the Marie Savina-Rolland of the institute leads to consider to show, from long-term in light of, prohibit discarding will increase fish reserve, be helpful for whole ecosystem. Andersen expresses, this is final and likely the quota with taller translate into and profit. (Lu Yi)

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-01-11 international of the 3rd edition)

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