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Ancient time is Mongolia violent and healthy_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:SlowlyPublished Time:2019-01-11

    Picture origin: NORTH WIND PICTURE

    Newest research shows report from our correspondent, before the Eurasia that in Cheng Jisai sweat and its offspring conquer length and breadth of land go up between chiliad, mongolia herdsman lives violent, healthy life.

    Although a few Mongolia the life position that still holding nomadism in modern society, but researcher does not know this one traditional traceable when. Any inchoate herdsman should be compared sedentary not mover is healthy. Be collected in rubbish especially and before sewage disposal infrastructure appears sedentary not mover, more can concentrated ground lives together, and be the same as oneself litter photograph companion for long.

    Whether does bronze ware times hold water after to decide afore-mentioned deduction, archaeologist analysed the remains of 25 human body that digs disinter from inside this area barrow. These remains mostly but date from comes 3500—2700 before New Year. Their bone did not show the sign of phlogistic sex pathological change almost, and this adumbrative infectivity disease. In the meantime, researcher also was not in bone because discovery is hidebound the disease of rachitic, bad blood that cause is other perhaps the evidence of the disease. Of course, this is not to say ancient time is Mongolia won't sicken.

    These remains still show the evidence that nose, rib and leg rupture, they are be being atttacked or throw the common scar that when falling, appears from the horse. The rachis of these people still is shown with equestrian and relevant wear away the evidence of the type. Paper author published a few days ago " the person is belonged to " reported this discovers on the magazine.

    According to the view of researcher, a lot of diseases are short of mediumly in this one crowd break, for the proof Mongolia with the means of miniature nomadism group in times of late bronze ware the life added more evidence. But those equestrian skill that they mastered the place in 14 centuries xylograph to reveal apparently, and this is confirmed in the process of conquer Eurasia very useful. (slowly)

    Relevant paper information: DOI:10.1126/science.aaw6055

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-01-11 home of the 2nd edition)

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