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Remote antiquity eradicates greatly " survival "_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Cheng WeijiaPublished Time:2019-01-11

    In the Dead Sea the origin of picture of fossil of plant of old needle leaf of coastal discovery: Bright this special university

    Cheng Weijia of reporter of our newspaper learn on job

    Be apart from what make an appointment with Permian — the Triassic Period of 252 million years today to hand in, produced the global biology group with geological history most serious period to eradicate incident, the marine biology of more than 95% and the terrestrial biology of 75% were caused to eradicate inside short time.

    But evidence shows, the plant may exist relatively of actor answer a method. Published in on December 21, 2018 " science " a research of the magazine expresses, a few live in the environment and be able to bear or endure in Yan Ke suffer seasonal arid plant kind group to become medium in environmental calamity survival has made sufficient preparation.

    “ eradicates the “ survival ” of ” greatly

    During the Permian, the seminal fern that gives priority to with big bracken and glossal bracken gets rapid development, among them by true brake kind with seminal brake kind the seaside that formed large area and inland and fenny forest. But eradicate ” to begin greatly from “ , true fern is many die out, underground of its remains bury, form coal-bed.

    Who can think of, there still is a plant unexpectedly in ” of such “ the people are plunged into an abyss of misery can escape by sheer luck dies.

    We believe “ , because they learned how to answer pressure and interference already,that is. Writer of ” paper newsletter, Germany bright this special Benjamon Bomfleur of university paleobotany home says.

    Study the report says, bomfleur and its work in the same placing are in Jordan churchyard, the Dead Sea east in the bare rock of the bank, gave the plant fossil of a small different common with hammer and mattock mining. The covering that candle of skin of this plant leaf makes (or corneous layer) be saved to come down by delicate ground, make research group can differentiate these plants according to crucial cuticular feature.

    The fossil that collects this is the contemporary Song Bai that discovers at present kind the oldest record in plant fossil. This discovery still includes a kind to call 2 fork the seminal fern debris of bracken, this may conduce to solve about this kinds of controversy of group of evolution histories.

    Long-term since, 2 forked bracken are thought to survive the Mesozoic Era after be eradicated greatly, the region with more southern hemisphere of distributinging Yu Na. But 2006, investigator is near Jordanian churchyard the Dead Sea the area discovered the fossil of 2 forked bracken that antedates to eradicate incident greatly, this alluded this kind of old spermatophyte traceable the Permian end is extinct before incident, be in big extinct in survival.

    A few scientists raise doubt to studying a result at that time, because this fossil does not have the specimen that includes genital officer, and think reproductive organ is crucial to differentiating a plant normally. This newest specimen includes pollen organ, confirmed the discovery 2006 basically.

    Announce the mystery of plant evolution

    Because fossil originates in ancient latitude to make an appointment with the equatorial area of south latitude 15° ,what discover so main reason this is, climate is burning hot half wet, have apparent dry season feature.

    School of component of interest of gram of American California university uncle paleobotany home Cindy Looy thinks, very rare fossil comes from this kind of environment, evolution of plant of understanding of home of this pair of paleobotany and a few kinds of origin of main plant pedigree are having far-reaching effect. Investigator uses models of these evolution of fossil calibration floral, because this newest discovery may affect people,to different species the appraise of differentiation time is measured.

    This one discovery aroused the interest of Chinese paleobotany home likewise. Shi Gongle of ancient biology institute tells geology of Nanjing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences " Chinese science signs up for " , stone of pine cypress apperception has a few late the Permian that “ discovers this in Jordan branch of typical leaf of yew podocarpus division is macroscopical configuration is amiable Kongqi is microcosmic and tectonic, represented the earliest yew podocarpus extremely likely division and give birth to Song Bai now kind coronal group fossil record. And before this, what discovery of the earliest fossil of yew podocarpus division makes an appointment with 245 million years today at be apart from is medium the 3 layer that fold a world. ”

    He expresses at the same time, in discovering this additionally two make a person be full of interest greatly kind group be this inside cycad and armet seed kind, they are two kinds of big spermatophyte with already extinct nowadays. Because special reproductive apparatus is tectonic, be thought to be concerned with the origin of angiosperm respectively below different evolution theory, the ancestor that represented angiosperm likely even kind group.

    The witness person of ground history changes

    Chinese scientist devotes oneself to Permian end biology for a long time to eradicate the relevant research that incident affects to Liu Shengzhi content greatly.

    2016, group of Shen Shuzhong of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is based on our country Hua Na (Guizhou Xi Diandong) the material of the area, discover equatorial area land gives birth to a plant to happen in Permian end extinct, the flora of an ancient name for China that is a delegate with big bracken plant is sufferred in this period inflict heavy losses on, disappear danger, plant diversity is reduced substantially. And this one extinct incident and marine animal are almost coinstantaneous.

    “ plant fossil is to study Permian end biology eradicates incident to affect the directest data to Liu Shengzhi content greatly. 10 thousand bright ceremonies express institute of ancient biology of geology of Nanjing of ” the Chinese Academy of Sciences, “ develops research to eradicating the plant fossil before incident greatly, explore meantime sky to distributing, announce above all piece after all what plant eradicates incident influence and in the die out in such catastrophic incident. Next, but check fish has what plant to be crossed successfully after all eradicate incident and survive to the Triassic Period. Thorough to these floral research conduces to people discovering the plant answers calamity to change the zoology of incident is politic. ”

    Plant fossil can know plant origin and evolution to provide direct evidence for people not only, also be to restore the admirable carrier of ancient climate of geological history period, ancient zoology and ancient geography. Pass the plant of geologize incident around and vegetation evolution, will know for people undoubtedly the whole world is at present calefacient the development of the forest below the trend and terrestrial ecosystem provides beneficial reference.

    Relevant paper information:

    DOI: 10.1126/science.aau4061

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-01-11 international of the 3rd edition)

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