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Chiliad " blue tooth " confirm is mediaeval paintress_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Zong HuaPublished Time:2019-01-11

    Content of blue celestite grain appears in left in the 5th tooth. Picture origin: CHRISTINA WARINNER

    Before 1000, a female in a nunnery licks German north paintbrush, for the sake of making brush wool attenuate, so that the picture gives fine point. In this process, a few painty “ touch ” to arrive on the tooth, thereby by sealed in bacterium spot. Nowadays, archaeologist discovery, this one color comes from celestite ——A kind of blue stone that comes over from the local carry beyond half earth. Relevant achievement was published at a few days ago " scientific progress " magazine.

    This discovery makes clear, this anonymous middleaged woman may be skilled painter, bear is worn the job that creates manuscript of color of ancient codes and records of high quality religion. This is the scientist relies on framework to be able to discern only the first place that give is mediaeval artist, become a female to copy in mediaeval Europe the further evidence with scale book.

    When Germany Ma Pu learns human history science when Christina Warinner of institute member archaeologist begins to study this deputy mediaeval framework, she discovers a few extraordinary things without expectation. This female is born at 997—1162 of the Christian era year a certain time paragraph, live inside community of a religion, and be in 45~60 year old between die. Warinner hopes to use the tooth stone of this female to study the bacterium in its food and consist in mouth originally.

    But when Warinner and student Anita Radini (the archaeology scientist that nowadays is British York university) when putting the tooth stone of this mediaeval female microscope to fall, they saw a few phenomena that never had seen before this: Bacterium spot is bright blue.

    This group thinks this kind of compound to celestite —— extracts one kind in Afghanistan truly, but by abrade the stone that treats dye of Cheng Liang blue. In this paragraph of this female's living time, celestite begins to go to Europe through be being carried with the commerce of Mohammedan world, and be used at the chromatic manuscript with the most high quality scale.

    The Mark Clarke of historian of art of technology of university of Portuguese new Lisbon that did not participate this research says, this kind of thing is returned than gold at that time precious. So, the tooth that how appears in this anonymous woman is medium is it?

    Radini grinds in celestite of experiment lieutenant general wear fine pink. This is the first pace that turns its into the dye that suits brushwork. Final, the whole body of Radini was stained with celestite powder, especially on lip and mouth.

    Clarke expresses, normally oneself prepare mediaeval artist or fine is painty, imagine very easily, this female let be stained with celestite powder all over inadvertently when such doing. And lick paintbrush to create fine point ——The skill —— that manual of a kind of very much mediaeval artist recommends left more blue grain in the mouth in her. (Zong Hua)

    Relevant paper information: DOI:10.1126/science.aaw6163

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-01-11 home of the 2nd edition)

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