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This " the strategy that take off sheet " sent Science_CosBU

From:Scientific net Www.sciencenet.cnEditor&Writer:Li Chen in relief Cheng WeijiaPublished Time:2019-01-13

    Handsome, rich, those who have ability, which ability is the most charming? Those who face this to attack the soul continuously is torturous, the choice can of 9 budgerigars young lady says clear to flow. They resisted the temptation of Yanzhi and fortune, was enchanted by the elegant demeanour that adroitness of gentlemen of a few parrot of ” of “ tall record of formal schooling solves a problem however.

    Study changes destiny —— this is newest first phase simply " science " the stitch cardiac that the magazine hits to broad and lone male doctor. In this paper of the line on January 11, the person such as group of avian ecological research Dr. Chen Jiani proves institute of animal of Chinese Academy of Sciences, can lean clever the male parrot that solves a problem with skill, gain the favour of female more easily.

    Affection field is frustrated, take advanced courses counterattack

    This is one is parrot people made “ is not sincere not faze ” . Youth is little moxa parrot young lady stands in “ arena”In the center of, both sides is a man of poised and graceful of the right age each. Towards the left goes or go right, this is a problem.

    Look in the mankind, the outside difference of these male parrot is not big. But parrot people the aesthetic system that having oneself apparently. Girls chose very quickly to have the man of eye predestined relationship more, be bored with chirps together. Not by the boy of settle on can helplessly, was fed full ” of food of dog of one mouth “ .

    Next, researcher reached shifty hand. They take away affection the parrot with frustrated field is small groups, the “ that had a week of by a definite date is special example ” . Special example content to sum up in a word, foster you to take alimental ability namely.

    Groom cent is mixed for primary class into rank class. The hamper of primary class is an education Min, want to lift cap to be able to take food only; The hamper that takes rank class passes special design, need opens lid, open the door, pull drawer ability to have a thing.

    At the beginning, groups of parrot is small have one's hands tied does not have arrange, its give experimental personnel not tire of irritatedly the measure that they demonstrate to open hamper. Small parrot people jump to jump, see all these in the eye. One week later, all parrot learned to open the method of hamper.

    Taking a suit skill, groups these parrot that had taken advanced courses are small triumphal and return, entered the arena that strives for love afresh.

    Dramatic one act appeared: Ground of groups of the parrot that has accepted ” of “ higher education is small in an orderly way opened hamper, the practised of gimmick, can tears open a handgun than 10 seconds. Watch across instead, the ” of “ Gao Fushuai that once relied on appearance to win beauty to favor solely people, however can ham-handed, be at a loss what to do.

    This, parrot young ladies increased to mix apparently groom groups of group parrot is small time that fall in love.

    This is Ling Huchong society simply alone Gu after 9 swords, a small Shi Meifang wins in Cong Linping's hand the counterattack story of the heart ah!

    Choiceness design, confirm Darwinian hypothesis

    To make a result more authentic, researcher added two groups to contrast again.

    Contrast in the first in the experiment, change tailor-made hamper into common open hamper, groups of the parrot that lets do not get a preference so is small freedom is taken feed, and original groups welcome parrot is small can defend drink the northweat wind-have nothing to eat of an empty messtin only.

    Below this kind of circumstance, parrot young ladies do not change first heart, before was being maintained, be opposite the choose of ” of “ Gao Fushuai occasionally preference. Visible girls like, not be to defending surplus grain to eat and drink not the landlord small father of anxious, however recumbent the young Cai Jun that a pair of a dab hand can create good life.

    The 2nd contrasts in the experiment, all fair parrot were replaced mother parrot. Interesting is, parrot young lady carries object and the standard of the honey that carry boudoir to differ completely. Other girl is clever, address, they care far from.

    Parrot of female of “ this specification is right the preference of other and individual cognitive ability, choice following a gender is inseparable. Researcher of place of animal of writer of ” paper newsletter, Chinese Academy of Sciences grandson Yue Hua says.

    He tells " Chinese division journal " reporter, the composing in Darwin " human origin and sex choose " in, put forward a such hypothesis: The development of human acknowledge ability, having one share choose implementation through the gender. That is to say in the competition of man and man, the individual meeting with cognitive high level is won marry. So in the animal, is female also does preference acknowledge behave better male? Before this, do not have a person to be able to prove this hypothesis with the experiment all the time, and the one large window that this studies this to work just about.

    Biology of California university nerve and behavior learn the Georg F of the department. Professor Striedter points out, people wants to confirm in impersonal animal all the time, cognitive level is higher individual more welcome in bisexual relation. But the regret is, below most circumstance, people can pass the singing, feather feature related to cognitive expression only, will figure female animal is opposite the preference of cognitive ability.

    “ and the method of the person such as Chen Jiani, offerred make a person more the evidence of be convinced. Professor ”Striedter is written in the comment, this kind of method is opposite “ advance cognitive level and choose occasionally the research of behavior, have quite big perspective. ”

    Nevertheless, the lord with rigorous consider carefully child also raised a very lovely scientific question: These mother him parrot had not accepted the training that opens hamper, their may not knows to do this kind of thing to need clever strategy. Can, they feel fair to parrot can open a box smoothly by accident, be because is their Kong Wu strong,, is muscle outstanding?

    Additional kind of high component paper, logic is its soul

    According to introducing, this flourish is ascended " science " the research of the magazine, the funds that spends still is less than 20 thousand yuan. Buy parrot, raising parrot is big head pay.

    In addition, this kind of macroscopical behavior ecology that does not involve molecular mechanism studies, ask a vessel very hard top class periodical normally. “ up to now China has such two papers only, it is the Chinese Academy of Sciences last time on the west scientist of arboretum of tropics of double edition accept discovers spider ‘ sucks the breast the research of ’ . Tao Yi of researcher of place of animal of ” Chinese Academy of Sciences says.

    Tao Yi points out, this studies a marked characteristic depends on: Adopt simple, rigorous, reasonable experiment design, got this brings a very important enlightenment to the researcher having the result ——“ of common sense: To basic research, although discover biologic phenomenon is very important, but announce the developmental biology of these phenomenal backside is logistic (or mechanism) the soul that just is research work. ”

    Paper DOI: 10.1126/science.aau8181

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