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Archaic gigantic whale is with other whale feed_CosBU

From:Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:SlowlyPublished Time:2019-01-14

    Report from our correspondent before hundreds of all ages, directly giant whale species is in ocean roam. Nowadays, to its the analysis of the hangover in the stomach makes clear, they may be in the top of food chain, can eat off other whale even. Relevant achievement was published at the United States a few days ago " national academy of sciences courtyard print · is integrated " .

    Instrument ages whale can grow 18 meters, it is 3 times of killer whale length. Before all ages of 38 million ~3400, they live in the Atlantic sea area that nears contemporary Africa north.

    9 years ago, the framework of whale of tine of a pair of instrument is discovered in Egypt north. Nevertheless, it not “ alone ” . The scientist still digs the bone fragment that gave a certain number of fish in same place, they discern give these fragments to come from at least a the archaic whale with bicephalous smaller type of build or figure, bony fish and a shark.

    The Manja Voss of museum of history of German Berlin nature and colleague analysed other character to age at instrument relatively the position of whale, discover all bone are centered in interior of thorax of instrument tine whale or around, and the seat that here is a stomach. In addition, the scientist discovered in the skull place of lesser whale very deep bite mark, and should bite mark age with instrument the dental appearance photograph of whale matchs.

    This makes clear, instrument tine whale has active charge lesser whale and shark are the ability that feed with its, and tooth of latter and same support preys other animal. Voss expresses, this means instrument to age whale is in the top of food chain, it is ecosystem medium top class the person that prey.

    “ this is age in instrument the gastric ministry of whale discovers hangover first, and find the direct evidence that about this one species eats first. ”Voss says, this research extended the people understanding to archaic whale, and abounded bigger ancient ecological picture. (slowly)

    Relevant paper information: DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0209021

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-01-14 international of the 2nd edition)

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