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How do they pass? National treasure class of wild animal " report of a few group "_CosBU

From:Xinhua netEditor&Writer:Wang ZhaoPublished Time:2019-04-23

    Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on April 22 report (reporter Wang Zhao) April 22 is day of world of the 50th world this year, ” of network of day of earth of international organization “ is this year the theme of make choice of is the species ” that “ protects us. Mention protector to plant, a lot of Chinese may think of the rare animal such as giant panda, bright red Zuo , golden monkey. Through so old protection, how does the “ minority of these animal bounds send ” to pass?

    Giant panda of ” of “ national treasure is one of China's peculiar old species, had lived at least 8 million years on the earth, basically distributing at present in and other places of Sichuan, Gansu Province, Shaanxi. Conceive ” of stunt of Mai Meng “ personally, giant panda sucks powdery ” in the “ in global people countless. 1961, the figure that giant panda chooses when world natural foundation holds water regards this one international as constituent mark.

    Up to 2018, china already built groove guard of nature of 67 place giant panda, form giant panda habitat to protect network system, the giant panda habitat of 53.8% and the feral giant panda of 66.8% are planted group of effective protection that bring into natural groove guard are medium. Field investigation shows, chinese giant panda is feral kind group from on more than 1100 growth of 779 time goes to the century more than 1800. Global circle raises giant panda amount to also exceed 500.

    2016, world nature protects alliance to announce giant panda suffer minatory degree to fall from “ endangered ” for ” of “ Yi Wei, point out, “ of this one change shows Chinese government to be made hard to protect place of this one species is effective ” . Nevertheless, expert of China and foreign countries thinks consistently, cannot loosen at this point absolutely to the protection of giant panda at a heat.

    The bright red Zuo of ” of Oriental gem of the “ in the bird that be called, be the oldest on the earth avian one of. Go up since century middle period, because hunt is killed,destroy with zoology wait for a reason, the habitat area of birds of this kind of precious is ceaseless and contractible, plant acute reduces group of amounts, russia, Korea, Japan announces in succession feral bright red Zuo is disappeared, this one species ever also was thought to had been eradicated for a time in China.

    1981, 7 when Chinese expert discovers to be put only on the world in county of West of short for Shaanxi Province feral bright red Zuo . To save this one endangered species, worker of protection of bright red Zuo launched mark of annulus of bright red Zuo label, plant group of pedigree, artificial breed, generation broods era is raised, wild change put fly wait for the job. Current, the amount of bright red Zuo already increased more than 3000, among them area of mountain of the Qin Dynasty has more than 2600.

    Golden monkey gets attention fully likewise. The golden monkey of Chinese churchyard includes plain golden monkey of golden monkey, another name for Yunnan Province monkey of He Qianjin silk. Up to 2016, the golden monkey of and other places of Sichuan, Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Hubei is planted group of amounts already from 20 increase many 20 thousand many times for years.

    Golden monkey of Shen Nong Jia is belonged to among them plain golden monkey is planted group, the hair of yellow of gold of its a suit is provoking all the more love. Go up century 80 time, shen Nong Jia puts 501 golden monkey only; Go up century 90 time metaphase, china begins to be carried out in area of Shen Nong Jia natural forest protective project and retreat return n cultivated land forest after waiting for zoology to protect act, amount of golden monkey of Shen Nong Jia increases somewhat, statistic had broken through 1300 to amount of the golden monkey inside groove guard 2016.

    Although “ minority sends ” ,these a few medium star get good ” of “ Dou Ting too, but also truly a few rare animals may live very much to be like person meaning. The say white Zuo pig of the China's peculiar aquatic mammal, giant panda ” in having “ water is announced before ten years functional sex is eradicated, chinese paddlefish already did not see trace …… for years these caution is worn we, endangered species protection still faces grim challenge, shoulder heavy responsibilities.

    Statement: Reprinting is transmission information merely, if do not hope to be reprinted or be contacted,reprint the matters concerned such as author's remuneration, contact us please.

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