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Cobweb changes catapult catchs hunt to have new device_CosBU

From: Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Published Time:2019-05-16

    The spider regards anchorage line and cobweb as the bridge between with the body. Picture origin: S.I.HAN

    Report from our correspondent alludes how does the spider catch hunt, people can think of intricate network normally, net can the insect with transient ensnare. But the triangle that originates in the United States and Canada formerly knits net spider very special however: It made a catapult with cobweb net, use catapult oneself forward eject captures prey.

    How to catch hunt to observe trigonometry knits net spider, video of high speed of scientific family expenses recorded their activity. They discover meeting drawing mixes the spider tighten up cobweb, regard anchorage line and cobweb as the bridge between with the body, and can count a hour continuously bear the tension of cobweb. The scientist was in the United States on May 13 " national academy of sciences courtyard print " on publish a report to say, enter cobweb by accident when prey when, the spider can release the fulcrum of a cobweb, use the energy that cobweb stores to be shot in order to exceed high speed ahead, cobweb is met later prey all-around bag inclose, prevent prey desert.

    According to researcher introduction, this is current exclusive the animal uses a foregone spider form program the case that equipment enhances oneself ability. This research also announced a kind of of cobweb new function. (Xin Yu)

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    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-05-16 international of the 2nd edition)

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