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Second birth of lung letting a pig is propped up outside body_CosBU

From: Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Published Time:2019-05-16

    Report from our correspondent " natural — communication " a paper that published recently reported the organ outside using system supports a system to allow second birth of damage pig lung. Preliminary result shows, the pig lung after damage or can have repair, use at organic transplanting.

    Gastric content content is inspiratory it is to show the material inside the stomach enters respiratory tract, this kind of common injury can bring about lung to cannot be used at transplanting. In view of the problem that the whole world is facing transplanting to be in short supply for body now, augment of hopeful of technology of damage lung second birth suits the organic library of transplanting.

    The Matthew Bacchetta of university of American Tennessee Fan Debao and work in the same placing considered to the possibility of transplanting standard is achieved after second birth of serious damage lung. Researcher is inside the body of 8 pigs emersion inspiratory sex injures gastric content content, lung of systematic general damage and the circulatory system of animal accepting put oneself in another's position support to be linked together outside adopting system, undertake maintaining to the organ. Use circulatory system of this one across, the lung that supply system is the longest outside pig body can last 36 hours, let a series of cure intervene measure is able to undertake. This system can allow damage lung second birth not only, still can improve its function, and the lung after second birth satisfies all transplanting requirement.

    Nevertheless, researcher expresses, still need to begin further research, decide the security of the functional vital capacity after lung transplants and this method. Because the organic transplanting inside human body must accept immunity to restrain cure, the influence that will not still answer immunity to restrain pair of lung to restore is done evaluate further. (Lu Yi)

    Relevant paper information: : DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-09908-1

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-05-16 international of the 2nd edition)

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