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Our country Yo becomes high yield tall muscle high grade and wheaten new breed_CosBU

From:Scientific net Www.sciencenet.cnEditor&Writer:Li ChenPublished Time:2019-05-16

    The bread that different wheat flour makes is comparative. Li Chen photographs

    On May 12, view and emulate of spot of 578” of the wheat in the “ that the reporter holds in Henan new rural area and industrial butt joint understand on the meeting, 578” of the wheat in institute of science of crop of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences and the “ that pily institute cooperates 20 years to breed, have high grade strong anything resembling a tendon or vein and character stability is good, high yield precocity fights cold resistant to lodging, adaptability is wide, stripe rust and powdery mildew are light, relatively be able to bear or endure spic is gemmiparous, high temperature resistant wait for a characteristic, it is aptly south Huang Huai piece with north piece large area is cultivated.

    Come nearly 20 years, consumer pays close attention to the character of crop of staple food grain and nutrition more. It is country or city no matter, want to eat high grade noodle and dumpling not only, a lot of consumer eat Western-style high grade biscuit and cake even. Gluten biceps slants is the crucial factor of character of wheat of northern region of influence our country all the time infirmly, bring about the biscuit bulk that makes small, mouthfeel is poor, made noodle is broken easily, do not be able to bear or endure boil, thereby door of Ministry of Agriculture put forward to develop high grade the target of wheat of strong anything resembling a tendon or vein. Our country also large area popularized Ceng Yocheng 3 batches high grade new breed of wheat of strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, its biscuit machines character to get machining the sufficient affirmation of the industry, but broad Mai Nong hopes to be able to have yield taller, fight the new breed of wheat of strong anything resembling a tendon or vein with stronger sex.

    In the light of Huang Huai the area is had high grade the problem such as the on the low side of crop of breed of wheat of strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, deviation that fight a gender, the researcher chooses to wait for new technology through cross of type of a flight of stairs and molecular mark, use what contrive independently is high grade close this in wheat 255 with aid wheat 22 cross, what Yo becomes is medium wheat realized character and the remarkable promotion that refuse a gender on the 578 foundations in high yield.

    In wheat 578 begin to be south Huang Huai from 2015 piece with north piece experiment, attended Henan to save high grade group to produce a test 2017, already was 4 years continuously south Huang Huai piece with north piece area experiments at many o'clock and large area sets an example cultivate, all show its high grade, high yield, fight cold, fight the stability that go against, breed is saved through Henan at the beginning of 2019 authorized, and hopeful is by this year through Huang Huai south piece the country is authorized.

    It is reported, south yellow the Huaihe River of 2017-2018 year country piece with north piece the area tries smoke composite sample to detect the result shows, in wheat 578 average protein (dry basis) 15.0% , wet gluten 33.2% , bibulous rate 60% , stabilization period 13.2 minutes, drawing area 140 square centimeter, 565E.U of obstruction of the biggest drawing, main character index reachs level of breed of wheat of strong anything resembling a tendon or vein. And character of cereal of agricultural country ministry is supervised examine the analysis that checks a center makes clear, its biscuit machines character to be close to high grade wheat of the United States of the entrance and Canada.

    Guo Jin of researcher of farming division courtyard takes an examination of Ru Zhengang of professor of college of Henan science and technology, Shijiazhuang, money of season of Guo of professor of college of agriculture of Lei Zhensheng of researcher of courtyard of Henan farming division, Henan all is opposite in wheat 578 express a confidence.

    Guo Jin of researcher of farming division courtyard takes an examination of Shijiazhuang say, in wheat 578 it is high yield and high grade union, aborning should notice to help advance somebody's career the union of technology and plant protection technology, according to climate change and weather condition are adjusted in time, the wheat in letting 578 produce effect continuously.

    Lei Zhensheng of researcher of courtyard of Henan farming division points out, in index of each 578 character compares wheat balanced, excel state level. As a result of its one of origin include Australia Sunstate of famous and high grade breed, not only baking quality is good, and suit to make staple food product. The proposal uses way certainly with the enterprise as soon as possible next, accelerate promotion rate, for Henan high grade wheat develops make contribution.

    On the meeting, limited company and Anhui China Anhui plant line of business of side of sanded river of limited company of food of big Cheng Liangyou, gold course of study limited company, the wheat in signing purchase and sale respectively agreement of 578 collaboration framework.

    Anhui China Anhui is planted course of study is Long Ping the enterprise below Gao Keqi. Realize high grade product to make character unprocessed food grains complete, grand makes the same score Gong Juntao of tall division vice president to express on the meeting, they will build a technology to serve platform, let connect a cultivated cooperation or it is the new-style management main body that join in cultivates large family, buying a seed while know different extent for a short while cultivate essentials of characteristic, technology, standardize technology of form a complete set according to what offer, unified undertake the standard is produced, make then unprocessed food grains reachs unified character level, offer the enterprise such as range line of business to use.

    Become Quan Wensheng of general manager of limited company of beneficial friend food to tell a reporter greatly, in wheat 578 products detect each index all is behaved exceedingly good, with entrance Canada tall muscle wheat is about the same. He hopes as soon as possible large area extends production, let flour company be used as soon as possible, roll out pink of high grade biscuit to the market.

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