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Russia joins global gene to edit column_CosBU

From: Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Published Time:2019-05-16

    Beet is one of crop of 4 kinds of keys that Russia gene editor studies. Picture origin: Bloomberg/Getty

    Russia of report from our correspondent is embracing gene to edit. The 111 billion ruble that announced a few days ago (about 1.7 billion dollar) federal plan, aim to bred 10 gene to edit new breed of crop and animal 2020, breed additionally 20 new breed again to 2027.

    Academy of sciences of Russia of new Siberia city (RAS) cytology and Alexey Kochetov of strong point of substation of genetics institute Siberia express to welcome to should studying a project. He expresses, come a few years, the genetics of Russia studies “ long-term financing is not worth ” . Go up century after disintegrate of 90 time Russia, the scientific research funds of Russia falls considerably, still lag behind at in recent years other big country ——2017 year, this country gross domestic product 1.11% use at scientific research, and this one scale of the United States is 2.79% .

    However a few researcher suspect these the target whether come true on time, fear this plan is inextricability the other issue that they face, for instance exceeding bureaucratism.

    The ——2018 in still not be clear that whether this 111 billion ruble includes to there is confederative and civil scientific budget in Russia at present year the budget is 364 billion ruble, among them 22 billion ruble is used at genetics research, whether be perhaps besides this budget.

    This plan announced in April this year, immediately aroused the interest of people, because it makes clear, a few gene edit a product to will not accept the obligation of a law that passed 2016. This law prohibits be being cultivated in Russia turn gene crop, unless be used at studying a purpose. Not clear gene edits biology to whether include to be in the ban before this.

    The law 2016 will turn the gene that those “ cannot produce ” by natural process decorates gene crop described as biology. But new project is equal the gene editor technology such as CRISPR-Cas9 at —— of traditional breeding method these technologies do not need to insert ribonucleic acid of ab extra to oxigenate.

    A scientist of RAS subordinate institute expresses, this meant Russia scientist to receive delectable one condition, before a lot of people in them ever felt for the uncertainty with medium 2016 law depressed.

    American Ministry of Agriculture and American food and medicaments management board edit a technology to gene and do not have rigid limitation. Under photograph comparing, in July 2018, an adjudication of European Union supreme court announces, gene editor crop and tradition turn need to get like gene biology strict superintendency. A lot of scientists express, this studies block up.

    The molecular geneticist Konstantin Severinov that participates in this government project expresses, russia is done not have in ” of global “CRISPR bonanza be changed by the brim, this are very important. A target of this project is to reduce Russia to importing crop depend on.

    Although “ considers as a biscuit basket oneself, but Russia still counts an import highly in respect of good crop breed, because what should this government decision do. ”Severinov says, “ fortunately, member of a few RAS proved CRISPR-Cas9 is a good thing successfully. ”

    This plan will be barley, beet, wheaten with potato these 4 kinds of checkrow are first crop. According to the data of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, russia is the biggest barley production country on the world, also be other the main production country of 3 kinds of crop.

    In developing these crop gene to edit the job of version to undertaking. Moscow is pulled this the potato that the scientist of the institute is developing disease-resistant variety and beet. Institute of industry of plant of husband of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Sanket made of baked clay dimension and pull this cytology and genetics institute are undertaking gene edits research, the purpose is to allow barley and wheaten easier treatment, also have nutrition more.

    But Russia scientist whether the grand goal that achieves this plan still is not clear about. The “ of working described as that Severinov ever will be in Russia swims in the swimming-pool that does not have water ” . He says, although the help developed this project, but it did not eliminate the abominable ” requirement with the inhuman “ that undertakes in Russia life science studies, include trival formalities and limited fund to supply.

    The United States Yi Li of scientist of plant of university of case of surname of city health Nie expresses Situoersi, this purpose is started is “ to Russia and world ” of a major move. He says, this may make China increase the investment that edits a technology to gene, conduce to the passion that arouses the United States to upsurge increasingly to this kind of technology. “ is right for European country, in view of European court editorial to gene adjudication, this may be an absorbing progress. ” his complement says. (Zhao Xixi)

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-05-16 international of the 2nd edition)

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