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The scientist defeats solution coliform organisms genetic code_CosBU

From: Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Published Time:2019-05-17

    Report from our correspondent recently, group of an England research points out, coliform organisms of a kind of synthesis needs finite protein to compose a statement only, can code all common and amino acid. This research is a design and synthesis is had beneficial but the bacterium of not common function levelled road. Relevant paper is online publish at " natural " .

    Genetic code by A, C, G, T4 different chemistry is alkaline base (or nucleotide is acerbity) composition. These nucleotide acid press order every 3 alkaline base comprise a password, every triplex the insertion that ” of body “ codon represented a specific and amino acid or an albumen complex end signal. Codon altogether has 64 kinds, but amino acid has 20 kinds only, accordingly, a kind of amino acid is OK and corresponding a variety of codon. This explains genetic code itself is redundant.

    The Jason Chin of laboratory of biology of element of Cantabrigian medicine research council and colleague undertook coding afresh to all gene group of coliform organisms, what get from this is microbial need 59 codon only (is not all 61 codon) , can code all common and amino acid. In addition, researcher still stopped one of codon to undertake coding afresh to 3. This considers to make clear, genetic code can be compressed, although be short of,broke specific codon to still can maintain bacterial life.

    Researcher expresses, in the future, these are short of the codon that break or the new series that can replace encode to be not natural and amino acid, hopeful design goes out can produce the synthetic bacterium that is not natural biology polymer. (Tang Yichen)

    Relevant paper information: DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-1192-5

    " Chinese science signs up for " (2019-05-17 international of the 2nd edition)

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