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The scientist gives out antagonism is able to bear or endure medical bacterium new thinking_CosBU

From: Chinese science signs up forEditor&Writer:Published Time:2019-05-17

    Picture origin: Johns university of · suddenly Pu Jinsi

    The biologic mechanism that scientist of United States of report from our correspondent affects to grape coccus nowadays, and how does small rat bring immune system into play to defy these skin infection had more thorough knowledge. The United States that researcher published on May 14 " national academy of sciences courtyard print " on reported this studies positive result.

    Coccus of golden yellow grape can cause the skin to affect normally, but spread possibly also to the whole body, the descent that brings about and so on of purulent poisonous disease sexual infection is likely and deadly.

    A variety of coccus of these golden yellow grape are right differring of antibiotic fight a gender stronger and stronger, make them special treat hard. In healthy crowd, the natural immunity defence of the body can maintain bacterial infection normally in the skin, can use proper antibiotic to have effective treatment. However, the patient with immune low function often resists hard bacterium, this makes latter easier the infection that invade and causes minatory life.

    Although “ resists the reaction of human body immunity that coccus of golden yellow grape affects is elusory still, but as a start, we had decided in small rat the protection immunity of coccus of grape of antagonism gold yellow is instigated by the specific immunity cell of cell of the γδT that be called, these cells can move from lymph node when infection to the skin that suffers infection, cause protection host reaction thereby. ” Johns Lloyd S of associate professor of dermatology of college of medicine of university of · suddenly Pu Jinsi. Miller says.

    Miller points out, coccus of golden yellow grape and other and multiple be able to bear or endure medical bacterium is becoming a bigger question, because most antibiotic can resist these are affected no longer, and the new antibiotic that development comes out very few. To coccus of golden yellow grape, remain antibiotic of 3 kinds of two profess to convinced to be able to treat this kind of infection only at present.

    Miller and its group are knowing the specific detail of coccus of grape of yellow of gold of antagonism of system of small rat immunity hard, explore the method of system of human body immunity in order to consider, develop what can treat plan to cooperate to use with antibiotic to replace sexual immunity to treat thereby, or the need that eliminates pair of antibiotic completely.

    Be in before in research, the defence that the protein of ” of “ cell factor that researcher discovers the IL-17 that be called affects to grape coccus to open host is crucial. However up-to-date, they still do not know which kinds of cell, specifically, the T cell of which kinds of type can produce this protein. In addition, put in the IL-17 of two kinds of types, one kind is “IL-17A” , another kind is “IL-17F” , but the host reaction need that researcher does not know to initiate coccus of grape of antagonism gold yellow still needs two kinds one kind among them.

    Accordingly, the colleague of academy of national sanitation of they and United States cooperates, latter changed the gene structure of small rat, make its give out the light of different color according to production IL-17 kind. Next, coccus of golden yellow grape injected in their skin in these small rat, discover the skin that suffers infection gives out green light and glow. They conclude, the IL-17 of two kinds of types participated in the immunity to the bacterium to react.

    “ we are quite affirmative IL-17 is made by T cell, but we do not know is the T in be in the skin normally cell or from lymph node migratory the T cell to infection place. ”Miller says. Researcher wants to know, below the case that uses identical glow small mouse, if they prevent T cell,leave lymph node and use FTY720 (fragrance dagger Maude) treat small rat what to can produce. FTY720 is one kind is used at cure to send the medicaments of sexual sclerosis more normally, it eases inflammation reaction to the greastest extent through preventing T cell to move from lymph node.

    Researcher cannot see glow after the FTY720 of small rat employ to coccus of grape of infection gold yellow, this means the IL-17 that sees in skin of place of infection of coccus of golden yellow grape only by from lymph node migratory T cell is made.

    From beginning to end of coccus of golden yellow grape is caught in small rat, researcher extracted a cell from infection place and lymph node. The protein type that the basis discovers in every cell surface, they noted these cells with different color mark. Researcher discovery, in the small mouse that did not catch coccus of golden yellow grape, γδT cell affects golden yellow grape in small rat urgent leap is much after coccus.

    Next, they begin to consider specific it is what cell in grow in quantity. Researcher and California university Davis divide the colleague of school to cooperate, all T cells in deciding small rat affects lymph node of around of coccus of golden yellow grape suffer the gene series of body. They discover, only the enlarge of γδT cell clone of a kind of type added particularity T cell to accept put oneself in another's position.

    Miller says: Although “ does not know to whether identical cellular type exists in human body, but we believe to be able to find similar thing, this means us to defy right way is in on the road of the therapeutics of new-style T cell of coccus of golden yellow grape in development. ” next measure involves the T cell reaction in examining human body to whether exist in order to decide similar mechanism. (Zhao Xixi)

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