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New technology can raise survival rate of wireworm low temperature 10 times_CosBU

From:Xinhua netEditor&Writer:Hua YiPublished Time:2019-05-17

    Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency on May 16 report (reporter Hua Yi) a new research of Japanese shows, through turning gene method gives a kind of wireworm ice turns to join egg white inside body, 24 hours of raise that can make its fall in environment of 0 5 Celsius raise survival rate to raise about 10 times. Achievement of this one research already was published in England " scientific report " on the magazine.

    Come from Japanese industry technology the researcher of comprehensive institute and Tokyo university through turning gene means gives wireworm of beautiful concealed lever to turn into ice to join egg white, compare the viability that they issue in microtherm condition. The result shows, after turning into some fungus to put combinative albumen on the ice, the preserve one's health of 24 hours of raise in 0 5 Celsius puts this kind of wireworm rate can from about 7% rise about 72% , the survival rate below microtherm condition rises amount to 10 times.

    In addition, below the environment of 0 Celsius, this kind turns the wireworm survival rate after gene also has promotion. This explains, the ice in be being put in the environment that puts crystallization on the ice scarcely combines albumen to also can develop a cell protect function.

    Putting combinative albumen on the ice is the fish that lives below microtherm condition and microbial wait for the cell of a kind of help inside body to resist the albumen of microtherm. Study the group thinks, through considering to put those who join egg white on the ice to turn further gene turns into the method, can conduce to research and development be being used at the new low temperature such as transplanting organ and food to save a technology.

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