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Three-dimensional print false body of movable and artificial cervical vertebra to develop a success_CosBU

From:People's DailyEditor&Writer:Xu ZuhuaPublished Time:2018-06-10

    According to Xi'an of Xinhua News Agency on June 9 report (reporter Xu Zuhua) the “ that by Xi'an traffic university Professor He Xijing studies to the group is finished is three-dimensional (3D) the technology that print rebuilds the clinical application of function of rachis spinal cord and project of relevant research ” , knot alloy belongs to the three-dimensional technology that print, development gives false put oneself in another's position of movable and artificial cervical vertebra, to solve cervical vertebra second cut completely, the activity after decompression confluence art is spent lose this one difficult problem to offer new thinking.

    According to introducing, the fixed operation of titanium basket, titanium board is the clinical application is very wide art form on current world. The arched roof of the three-dimensional individuation that print of new research and development carries titanium basket on the head, eliminated a tradition the sharp edge of titanium basket, make arched roof carries titanium basket essence on the head to allow comfortable match cervical vertebra to anatomize a characteristic, increase the interface of titanium basket and centrum to accumulate at the same time, benefit at gaining long-term stability. Pass more than 200 clinical application at present, along with visit a data to confirm more traditional titanium basket cave in occurence rate drops significantly.

    The researcher still put forward centrum second interverbebral disc of — of movable and artificial centrum is compound after cutting method completely body is embedded, rebuild the concept of function of centrum motion unit, knot alloy belongs to research and development of the three-dimensional technology that print to give a kind to be able to preserve cervical vertebra stability already and rebuild the blame confluence false body of the motion between vertebra.

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